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Join Dan Welsh this Wednesday from 9am as he invites ALDONNA into the tea room for an interview and guest mix, on Welshy’s Morning Tea! Aldonna is a formidable young DJ, talented in a whole range of styles, and Welshy can’t wait to hear what she has to SAY and PLAY!

“Melbourne based music and arts enthusiast Aldonna, has endured in music for half her existence. She started singing at age 4 and followed on with learning instruments and writing acoustic songs. Naturally following, came an introduction to dance music, and an instant attraction was formed. Being the music fanatic she is, it was only normal for her to begin expressing her love for dance music through the DJ medium.
Aldonna, representing strong personal values such as compassion, spirituality, authenticity, led her to breed a high energy, up-lifting sound that incorporates a variety of genres, with strong emphasis on classic house and electro music. Through these currents, she aims to spread love and unity through dance.
Aldonna finds herself regularly playing at Bimbos, Francesca’s, Pawn & Co, Brown Alley, Peaches, Poison, Arteq Productions events, and has featured as a guest on KISS FM. If you’re on the dance floor at the club, and you start to feel an infectious, warm energy inside, something that is keeping you on your toes–you’re most likely listening to an Aldonna set.”

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