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I am so stoked to have in the studio and playing live on The Underground. Iconic underground House DJ/Producer Miguel Campbell, all the way from Leeds England for his Australian tour. Already kick starting his tour this week, he will be tearing up Melbourne starting at 161 night club.

Tune in Thursday 11am-12pm on The Underground with Johnny Rocka, as Miguel Campbell shows you why he is one of the best artists is his field.


Outcross Records // Hot Creations

Miguel has been galvanised by the house music scene since the early 90’s and has also been a DJ since that time. Miguel began producing his own music as one ‘half’ of the underground duo HCB.

In 2006 he founded his own label: Outcross Records™

In 2010 he became the newest addition to the Hot Creations™ team.

Miguel Campbell


Miguel Campbell – The Rock Ya Feelin’ ep (Outcross Records 2006)
Miguel Campbell – Community Funk (Outcross Records 2007)
Miguel Campbell – The Active Touch ep (Outcross Records 2008)
Miguel Campbell – The Metro Theory ep (Outcross Records 2008)
Miguel Campbell – Mysterious Vybes (Outcross Records 2008)
Miguel Campbell – Daydreams ft: J.Booth (Outcross Records 2009)
Miguel Campbell – The Press Play ep (Outcross Records 2009)
Miguel Campbell – Those Magic Space Moments (Outcross Records 2010)
Miguel Campbell – Kiss And Tell (No.19 Music 2011)
Miguel Campbell – Active Touch (Hot Natured 2011)
Miguel Campbell – Baby I Got It (Hot Creations 2011)
Miguel Campbell – Rockin’ Beats (Hot Creations 2012)
Miguel Campbell – Back in Flight School (Hot Creations 2012)
Miguel Campbell – Beams of Light (Hot Creations 2013)


Matt Hughes – Don’t Cry (Outcross Records 2007)
Sean Biddle – One Hell of a Night (Bid Muzik 2008)
Matt Hughes – Night Music (Outcross Records 2009)
Patrick Alavi – How Much That Means To Me (roXour 2010)
The Penelopes – Now Now Now (Pour Le Monde 2012)
Miike Snow – Paddling Out (Sony Music 2012)
Soul Clap – Let It Go (Wolf + Lamb 2012)
Drop The Lime – Bandit Blues (Ultra Music 2012)
Totally Enourmas Extinct Dinosaurs – Stronger (Polydor 2012)
Climbers – 2 Come Back (Culprit LA 2012)
Baby Prince – Nobody (Somethink Sounds 2012)
Butch – Highbeams (Hot Creations 2013)
TBoy – Eye Of The Tiger (Outcross Records 2013)
Confection – Let’s Fall Back (One Stop Funk Shop 2013)
Tokimonsta – The Force (Ultra Music 2013)
Basement Jaxx – What a Difference Your Love Makes (37 Adventures)



MAM – After Midnight (Outcross Records 2007)
MAM – Music Makes Us (Outcross Records 2007)
MAM – Sexy Girl (Outcross Records 2007)
MAM – Love Lights Music & More (Outcross Records 2009)
MAM – More Music Lights & Love (Outcross Records 2010)
MAM – Sexy Girl Reprise (Outcross Records 2010)
MAM – The Needing Love ep (Outcross Records 2010)
MAM – The Beats of Science Vol 1 (Outcross Records 2010)
MAM – The Beats of Science Vol 2 (Outcross Records 2010)
MAM – The Beats of Science Vol 3 (Outcross Records 2011)
MAM – MAM EDITS (Wolf + Lamb Black 2011)
MAM – Modern Heat EP (Fina Records 2012)
MAM – Happiness EP (Nice to Be 2012)
MAM – I Can Fly (Outcross Records 2012)


Padlock – So Appealing (Outcross Records 2007)
WebQueawry – Searching (Slow Network 2010)
Tesla Boy – Thinking of You (Mullet Records 2010)
Sean Biddle – Darlin’ (Nocturnal Recordings 2010)
Flight Facilities – With You (Future Classic 2012)
Deadmau5 – All You Ever Want (Play 2012)
Climbers – Equal Respensibility (Get Physical 2012)
Miguel Campbell – Not that Kind of Girl (Hot Creations 2012)
Inland Knights – Broken Up (Outcross Records 2013)
Imany – You Will Never Know (Hedonism Music 2013)
System of Survival – Crash What (B-Pitch Control 2014)


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