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Michelle Hunder and Louella Deville | The Ladies of KISS | Female Exposure


Out of 99 weekly shows on KISS FM, only 8 feature WOMEN.

We hope in 2016 to encourage more Women with amazing taste in Dance Music to be on the Radio and help build their profiles [so important in such a male dominated industry] and basically KICK IT like these ladies already are each week on KISS.

LADIES OF KISS:   Michelle Hunder and Louella Deville

SHOW:                       BACK TO THE FUTURE. SATURDAY MORNINGS 10:30AM – 12PM


Michelle Hunder                                                                                           Louella Deville

THE NEWBIES!!!! WE love THEM!!!!!!!!

With a mixture of new and old school hip hop, male and female, national and international artists, Back to the Future is a show dedicated to the evolving genres of hip hop, soul and R&B.

A predominantly music based show, with segments and interviews with artists from around the globe, Back to the Future is hosted by Australian Hip Hop Photographer Michelle Grace Hunder and music journalist, singer and model Louella Deville

Back to the Future’s aim is to tickle your pleasure centre while engaging with your intellect. Tune in every Saturday morning from 10.30am – Noon.

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