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Born in Guadeloupe in the Caribbean French West Indies, in the mid 70’s, Selectress Abigene naturally fell in love with reggae music, having been exposed to it from a young age.

After moving to France to complete her studies in the 90’s, slowly but surely, she became more deeply involved in the scene over time, regularly attending dances in the UK until moving to the USA for a while, where the scene was developing. In those days she was already buying records, but it was once she returned to Guadeloupe that things took a different spin, as she began cultivating fresh music more regularly, and founding Conscious Way Outernational Association, collectively alongside Tiqur.

CWO born officially in 2015 as a non-profit organization to promote good deeds and education through sound system culture, didn’t take long to start to take the shape of an actual sound system project, with Sista Abigene as Selectress and Tiqur as Operator. In 2015 CWO started to put together their first roots and dub events on the island creating the Guadeloupe Dub Club, Roots Dub Meeting and Roots a Vieux Bourg, renting and borrowing boxes to string up improvised stacks, and also inviting good friends from abroad to play, while a small family was coming together with singers and players of instruments, and today they are truly blessed to work with some great local talents like Djahibre, Sistah Jahia, Bobo Nattywell and Ras Beni among others. Finding themselves looking for amplifiers and such, was the natural step forward! After some years of planning and sourcing materials, the Conscious Way Outernational Hi-Powa became a reality during lockdown in 2020! They seized the opportunity to complete the system, while with perfect timing new key crew members were manifesting with energy, strong arms and different skills to make things happen.

As her name suggests…Selectress Abigene is the front-woman mainly in charge of the selections, which can range from Nyahbingi classics all the way to un-realeased heavy weight steppers, but the focus is really on bringing people together in a positive manner, sharing vibes and food for thought…

Being RasTafari is a main source of inspiration for their musical reasoning’s. Conscious Way Outernational Hi-Powa strongly believe in the social value of sound system culture as a vehicle to counteract the oppression of the too far gone system we are living in.










Conscious Way Outernational Hi-Powa in session for the Roots Unity Dance. July 2021, Ksoné, Guadeloupe, Caribbean. Filming by Pierluigi Vecchione


Sound System Outernational #7: ONLINE, FRIDAY 9 JULY 2021, 4PM UK TIME

Launch Session w/ “The Sonic Challenge: Post-Pandemic Sound System Practices”

📣 Chair: Brian D’Aquino Roundtable featuring: 🔸 Feminine Hi-Fi (Brazil) 🔸 Conscious Way Outernational Hi-Powa (Guadeloupe) 🔸 Kebra Ethiopia Sound (South Africa) 🔸 El Gran Latido (Colombia)

Round table discussion with soundmen and soundwomen from different parts of the world on the impact of the pandemic on their sonic practice


Conscious Way Outernational Hi-Powa playing Asaliah Gad Jahlawa Roots n Culture online session September 2021, Guadeloupe island, Caribbean


After GUADELOUPE DUB CLUB #3 Backyard reasoning : Abigene, Keety Roots Guadeloupe (caribbean, FWI) february 2020


Conscious Way Outernational : Abigene & Tiqur HB, Simon Dan, playing Highly Blessed production “Royal Behavior” Sistah Jahia in UK/ Manchester


Conscious Way Outernational playing at the REGGAE CELEBRATION DAY 2 In Ksoné, Sainte Rose, Guadeloupe (FWI / Caribbean). 2019


Conscious Way Outernational full crew : Selectress Abigene, Tiqur HighlyBlessed, Sistah Jahia, Bobo Nattywell, Djahibrê aka Suga Moss performing at “Feel Like Groovin” Festival. May 2O2O


Soundcloud – Fight the Virus selection by Abigene


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