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Mike Callander AV Live Stream / Kiss FM News / Radio Bueno / THURS 3PM


As a regular performer in Melbourne’s nightclubs since 2001, and a PhD candidate in Interactive Composition at The University of Melbourne, Mike Callander’s work explores the impact of 21st century performance technology on the shape of techno music.

Focusing on the ways in which new instruments and new ways of playing are changing how, and when, techno is realised, this is an exploration of form, creation and performance that happens only online, and where both the audio and video are assembled in a way that cannot be repeated.

Real Time, Online is an extension of Mike’s improvised work that moves beyond audio synthesis and into more elaborate multimedia and social media presentation. Here the sound, the vision and the maker are embedded together into a single stream.

Supported by the City of Melbourne COVID-19 Arts Grants.

A versus set with host Acid Safari will be aired at Radio Bueno on Thursday 25th of June.

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