FRICTION welcomes KAZUKI from the label LATE NIGHT MUSIC. A new label on the Australian scene, plus Kazuki bringing his Late Night flavours to the Kiss FM audience.

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A purveyor of rhythmic, hypnotic grooves, and a psychedelically charged atmosphere…

From house and disco, to techno and trance, for Kazuki it’s all about finding that elusive impeccable beat. A well-known producer, DJ and promoter in the Australian underground electronic music scene, Kazuki puts as much enthusiasm into his own events as he does his productions in the studio.

As a child, electronic music was always in the background with the sounds of John Michelle Jarre, Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream, but it was an early mixing program included in DJ Mark Farina’s ‘Mushroom Jazz’ mix CD that first introduced him to the possibilities of dance music and DJ culture…

Today that means a heap of club, warehouse party and festival appearances, and time spent in the studio to create and capture the perfect dancefloor vibe.

Kazuki has a string of releases to his name with a couple of albums and various Eps, from tribal house and acid techno cuts to progressive and psychedelic trance stompers across a range of labels including Blind Arc, Khao Records, Ruffbeats, Geomagnetic Records, Parabola Music, Powerhouse, and GOA Records.

He’s performed at a diverse array of festivals including Babylon, Psyfari, Dragon Dreaming, Psyland, and even a solar eclipse festival in Indonesia, as well as prominent underground venues such as Revolver Underground and Tramp in Melbourne, S.A.S.H. at Home Nightclub and WeLove at the Burdekin in Sydney, and Mr Wolf, Transit, Lot 33, Clubhouse, Trinity, Kyte and more in his hometown of Canberra – not to mention plenty of secret warehouse parties and hidden outdoor raves!

“Dance music is more than just a style – it’s about the experience. For me, you can’t go past a dark, pulsing room with a bassline so immense you can feel it in your chest. There’s this magical sweetness that you continually chase as a DJ – it’s a transcendental space, a special vibe…and when the beat drops at that perfect time, and everyone on the dancefloor is united in the simple fact of just being there in that very moment, it doesn’t get much better than that…”

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Check out last weeks episode below to keep you grooving until this Wed at 10pm, and remember to keep tuning into Friction every week as we welcome the following guests up to the Friction waves, including Andrew Wowk, Ben Not, Doppel, Charles Oliver, Christian Kerr, JPA, JPMarzin, Just Bloss, Lask, Mittens, Neil Smith, Timothy Weston.


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B-tham is fast becoming one of Australia’s well known Techno/House DJ’s, playing at iconic venues from across Australia such as Revolver, Tramp Bar, Circus, The Burdekin Hotel, Slyfox, Ivy, Capulet, Home, Mr Wolf, to name a few. While also being invited to perform for well respected crews and festivals such as SASH, Subsonic, Dragonfruit, The Breaksfast Club, Electric Gardens, Rabbits Eat Lettuce, WeLove, Dragon Dreaming.   Hailing from the Nations Capital, and currently living in Melbourne Australia. B-THAM originally started mixing tunes on Vinyl in 2005 and to side that started radio hosting in 2010. B-tham currently hosts his own radio show named Friction at one of Australia’s premier dance radio stations, Kiss FM every Wed at 10pm featuring International and Local Artists.   In more recent years B-tham’s dedication has been running the infamous Canberra crew Department of Late Nights founded in 2014 with his compadre Kazuki. These events have seen them pass Techno Legislation in the Nations Capital by hosting Secret warehouse events, club nights and with a unique rave flavor.   The Department of Late Nights also provided general support to the Canberra Techno industry by creating opportunities to play at events and get involved in the scene to new and upcoming industry professionals. The Department’s philosophy is Techno, Loud Music and a Dark room, yet has evolved over the year to create a community driven crew that focuses on forward thinking ideas & events, including production workshops with national industry artists and DJ classes.   B-tham has releases out on Beatport from previous years and has been honing his sound in preparation for multiple releases by the end of 2018.   To date he has been billed with worthy international allies like Steve Lawler, Sebastian Leger, Miro Pajic, Noir, Anthony Pappa, Desyn Masiello, Slam, Nick Curly, Chris Fortier, Kazu Kimura, D.Ramirez, Robert Dietz, all with many more to come.

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