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J-Slyde | Interview & Guest Mix | Premium Tuna | Saturday 10:30AM

We thought it was about time to host another guest mix on the show so we gave home groan legend and Arnotts BBQ Shapes fiend Jordz Blick – a.k.a J-Slyde a bell for this weekend.

A little bit more about J-Slyde:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth and the earth was null and without form. God then created Dinosaurs, Mormon’s, Promoters and DJ’s. Knowing that these characters on his creation would become “A dime a dozen” commodity, he created a chosen few to defy the norm, stand up in the seated crowd, be the cougar in jungle of strays. And it goes without saying that Jordan Blick or as we simply know him as “J-Slyde”, has clearly poised himself as a premier DJ/Promoter that stands apart in the Australian dance music scene.

When you read the already tried and tested ramble of a DJ’s “passion for music” or how “Music is their life” it takes away from people like J-Slyde, who well and truly represent all that is his tastes, styles and skills when he steps up to the turntables. Having embraced the ever growing electronic new wave that swept through the 1990’s, the precursor for where his sound now lies is solely in the past. An eclectic ear and an appreciation for the anti establishment has seen his style awash with hip-hop, drum and bass, breaks, progressive house, techno and his occasional hussy in the night, electro.

But what good is musical affection if you have no skills to a tune with? Luckily for J-Slyde behind every good affection lies an even stronger amount of motivation. Having birthed a successful reputation from early gigs, his skills, grace and flare develops each time he plays. From his humble beginnings having destroyed the Ghetto Fusion House supremacy comp in early 2005, it has been a very steady rise to the well molded turntablist we see performing now. Whether it be club and bar gigs in the heart of the Melbourne CBD, opening up the new year at Summadayze, playing at a pool party at Rainbow Serpent Festival or bathing in the Sunshine states Involved Parties, J-Slyde’s reputation and presence precedes him with every gig he plays and with every event he organizes.

Through marrying with Taran M and Rich OK to create and co run the nationally respected brand “Substance”, J-Slyde’s skills and career have exploded tenfold. To watch him perform is to be taken on a journey, the effortlessly constructed voyage seeing his set’s littered with every turnip of musical escapism.

Very much “in-demand” J-Slyde has had the pleasure of being a regular guest at parties such as Darkbeat, Instinct, Doesn’t Matter, Bad Party Records and Involved on the Gold Coast – to name but a few. If reward for hard labour gets thrown back at you, he’d be ducking for cover from the incoming missiles of appreciation. Having hosted  acts such as ShilohPig & DanSoulfireRich CurtisJamie StevensLuke ChableSteve Ward and Danny Bonnici, J-Slyde is now collecting a barrage of monumental supports from the likes of Nick WarrenHybridHenry SaizHernan CattaneoGuy JRennie PilgrimKrafty Kuts and Lee Coombsto name a few. Now at the helm of the Substance ship with Simon Murphy and running the sub brand “Prognosis”, J-Slyde’s musical dexterity is going to be flown into sensory overload. To rate him as one of the up an comers of the scene is a waste of breath; he is already there. And if the past is anything to go by, he isn’t going to finish rising until the roof is blown.


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Mount Mike

Mount Mike is Producer & DJ who hails from Melbourne, Australia and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. Never wavering in his mission to push song and dance beyond the conventions of genre, Mike's taste is broad and doesn't stick to one sound. His music takes on otherworldly tones and textures, bending mood and energy, blending thump and melody. Deep house at the core, his tracks meander through progressive and minimal territory, sometimes even lending from techno. He loves it weird and wonky and is not afraid to blur the boundaries. His DJ sets have landed him slots at Australian festivals such as Strawberry Fields and Babylon and have also seen him support some of the world’s finest acts including personal favourites such as: Stimming, Frankey & Sandrino and Andreas Henberg. Off the stage his role as host on Premium Tuna - a radio show on Kiss FM dedicated to Australian producers and DJs - and director of Under The Nest Music & Arts Festival - a boutique camping festival run in the Winton Wetlands - has cemented his place in the Melbourne scene as one of their own. As a producer, Mike enjoys creating a space where organic and synthetic sounds can meet in emotive harmony. Just like his live sets, he doesn’t like colouring inside the lines. His mantra? There’s a rhythm in everything, you just have to listen for it. His mission? To spread connection and dancing through the emotive and sometimes weirder side of house and techno. Signed to Australian label Suckmusic, Mike's releases have been building momentum with a string of Beatport chartings and Spotify traction. With a number of exciting releases scheduled for the remainder of 2019, Mount Mike is certainly one to watch out for.

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