With their blend of Funky – Disco – Soul – House music. The dj duo Daags have been mixing together since  playstation II (2008).

Dan and Maags. 2 East side boys from melbourne, met in a club in the cbd and found there love for djing

With the help of 2 free Dennon Decks, a rane mixer purchased by dan, the guys started mixing together and formed Daags,

The collaboration was created with a little bit of dan and a little bit of Maags creating the delicious Daags.

Drawing influence from an eclectic group of djs and bands including Dr DRE, Fatboy Slim, James Brown and Prince, it is their goal to create an uplifting and fun atmosphere.

Having played events at the HiFi Bar, Roxanne Parlour, Euro Trash & residency event nights such as Little Groover, Daags is no stranger to Melbourne’s nightlife.

After going on a 8 year hiatus Daags is back and stronger than before.

Recently having performed at the Black Cat Fitzroy and securing an event at Loop Bar, with plenty more to come.

Wanting to be known as “Just a couple of dudes who like to have a lot of fun.” Daags will guarantee you will wake up with sore calves after ripping it up and throwing shapes at their events.

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