Lock your doors, the masked men are here…

Lockdown is currently the name everyone in the know are name-checking. In the space of one year this energetic duo has created a cult-like following which has seen their profile and gig bookings increase tenfold. They have literally become one the most entertaining acts on the Australian circuit.

Based in Melbourne, Lockdown stayed true to their visual form by playing their very first show on Halloween night in 2015. Very quickly they climbed their way to the top of the Melbourne underground scene by supporting some of the scene’s biggest players alongside bookings for the city’s most respected nights. They have created their own imitable sound which feature heavy hitting basslines, rolling percussion and very eerie atmospheres. Lockdown’s music perfectly combines with their visual and theatrical aspect.

Being active for a such a short amount of time, Lockdown has already played an impressive amount of shows across, not just Melbourne, but also Australia, where they have conquered crowds at scene institutions such as Cloud Nine, Candy’s Apartment and Hotel New York (now MODE). All of this hard work payed off when they were voted into the annual Inthemix DJ poll where they were voted by the public as the 28th most popular DJ act in Australia. Not bad for a debut placing…

With an addictive sound that will hook you from the moment you hear them, a visual element that will hold your gaze and an attitude that demands your attention, you can rest assured that, one way or the other, Lockdown is here to make an impact.


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