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Kicking off 2021 with a bang with the start of a long list of guests coming up on the show.

Most kids preferred to run in herds, shuffling through malls, hunting down cell phone accessories and gorging themselves on cocoa milkshakes. Over hundreds of days, through a process of natural selection, these impotent traits were discarded. A new human animal was born. His pack mentality was replaced with a new urge to think and act freely. The overwhelming desire to conform was traded for a willingness to stand alone. Alas, just as it has always been, the old world shunned the new and the boy was always destined to be Friendless.While his peers lived normal teenage lives, trading pogs and hiding their erections from their maths teacher, Friendless lived in the shadows, watching and learning. He found that the only way he could communicate with the world was through music. As the boy grew up he developed a soulful electronic tone that was unique, like whales having sex on Quaaludes. The world finally started to take notice. The Friendless legend is growing; it’s only a matter of time until he touches you just the way you like

Tune in Monday at 6pm for an exclusive guestmix from Friendless. Check out the interview below.


Q. Alright first thing first, how did the name Friendless come about?

A. Hahahaha I have noooooo idea really. I was definitely drunk at the time and wanted something weird. I liked the sound of it and it had a sort of punk outsider quality to it

Q. What’s it been like for you during Covid with no gigs and how have you adapted?

A. Well I was planning my first headline tour so it was a huge bummer for me at first. When the annoyance of that subsided and we locked down I was actually grateful for the change of pace. Mentally it was rather healing for me and I was able to focus on creating and launching a new side project.

Q. What was your last Uber eats order?

A. Two large iced coffees. For myself. I had had a big night hahah

Q. At what point was it that you had the ahaa moment and thought “I could do this for a job”?

A. When I got fired from my last job for always focusing on music instead of the job! Its a bumpy ride but I couldn’t change it if i tried.

Q. Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck, explain your answer.

A. 100 Duck sized horses 100%. I would gift them to all my favourite people and we could have mini horse meets and freak everyone at the dog park out.

Q. Do you have any pre or post gig rituals?

A. I have a single shot of top shelf tequila to get the blood pumping and get a read of the room I’m about to play by doing a sneaky walk through

Q. What is one track you’re really vibing at the moment?

A. Dance Music : Thats Hot by MNTRA, just love the cheeky left field vibes

B. Not Dance Music : Look Over Your Shoulder – Busta Rhymes & Kendrick Lamar. The beat is mesmerising

Q. If you could be any condiment what would you be and why?

A. MSG, because its controversial but people can’t help but love it

Q. If you had to pick one track out of your catalogue, released or unreleased to keep and lose the rest, what would it be and why.

A. Probably my new single DRIP because its taking me to a place where I can combine my love of Hip Hop and dance music and its an exciting page to turn for me. I could start fresh from rn tbh.

Q. Do you prefer producing alone or with other people present with you?

A. I just love the process so i don’t care doing it solo but collaboration is the best, even if its not musical. I’m working on a collar audio visual vibe with fashion designer rn for the next single and its soo inspiring. Creative people give me life.

Q. What has been your favourite gig as both a DJ and a patron.

A. The vibe at The World Bar back in the Kings Cross heyday for me was the best. Everyone would drop in and play, get loose and just do it right. Punter or performer we were just all in it together.

Q. Imagine you’re in the crowd watching yourself play, you hold a phone up to yourselves, what does the phone say?

A. Do a kickflip!

Q. What is one sub-genre you don’t think gets the attention/recognition it deserves?

A. The one some kid in his bedroom was creating rn

Q. What’s on the horizon when restrictions get lifted for you, tour? New releases?

A. Going to put a tour together as soon as humanly possible. Have a few releases lined up already. DRIP ft. Jannah Beth drops on Feb 5. Should have around 7 tunes scheduled this year.

Q. What’s going to be in your guest-mix?

A. Just a bunch of quirky tunes that I admire really and a few cameos from some friends 😉


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