FBK– 30 minute guest LIVE SET on Brain Food Radio – 11.30pm to 1am – 7th of June

FBK’s purpose is to provide innovative ways, solutions and products for enhancing domestic and techno textiles. He is active in the market service for development and production of functional club furnishings These include the creation of a pool of ideas, the development of creative surface structures, sustainable chemical products and completely new test methods to study the obtained new features. Our customers include corporations such as MDR, BARBA, REKIDS and Frictional, as well as past work for R-TYME, and DIAMETRIC.

A master of hypnosis, FBK has worked tirelessly to create new and innovative products since 1994 and has released seminal works over 3 decades, as well as honing his live performance craft inside of his laboratory, based in the city of Columbus, OHIO, USA.  Having the respect of his contemporaries, FBK now looks to expand his business to the global market, with field research and development squarely on his mind.

​Our Business model is based on integration and transfer of modern technologies from the technical and bionic areas to the domestic and world markets. The need of techno funk properties in the area of music was overlooked by many, while FBK saw potential and market hunger. With this idea we have succeeded to present and popularize the need of techno and functional innovations in the industry. Our business model and mission managed to capture the attention of many leading techno manufacturers as well as notable night research institutes. ​

Check out FBK’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio this Thursday night for his EXCLUSIVE guest LIVE SET!

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