Encrypter– 60 minute LIVE guest mix & interview on Brain Food Radio – 11.30pm to 1am – 24th of January

Encrypter is a hardware-focused composer and producer of electronic music. He has been obsessed with texture and processing recorded sound since he was a teenager, capturing field recordings on his Walkman as fodder for creating garbled noisescapes through cheap guitar effects. Since these early days, he has released ambient, downtempo, industrial hardcore, glitched-up jungle, splittercore and a variety of unique takes on techno through his original works and remixes for the likes of Myler, Diarmaid O Meara and Weever. As a result of two burglaries and a stubborn refusal to back up his work, he has essentially restarted his entire creative practice twice in a decade. This has led to his current focus on recording his tracks entirely live with hardware or by using unusual techniques like balanced feedback environments and pseudo-generative approaches to capture a feeling of immediacy and energy.

The Trawl EP from Encrypter was created using this live approach to composition. With just a handful of dusty boxes and a noisy mixer, the four tracks crafted show elements from each of his influences. Hefty distorted kicks rub shoulders with haunting synth melodies, while skittering percussion and warped samples bring a driving energy to each piece. This EP is the first release under the SEQARP label and stands as a mission statement of sorts. Hardware focused left field takes on techno and electronica.

Check out Encrypter’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio this Thursday night for his 60 minute LIVE guest mix!

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