DJ Trente kicked off his career reading the news from 1995 to 1999 on Kiss FM in Melbourne.

From there he commenced his DJ career performing at many venues and corporate gigs including Victoria’s Jane’s Bar, Peel, Love Machine, Channel 9 birthday party, his Channel 7 farewell party and most recently at Bar Below at the Newmarket Hotel in St Kilda.

In Sydney his gigs included Will and Toby’s in Taylor Square.

In Queensland he played at many Gay Week parties and organised events including a pool party above the Cairns casino, Salthouse bar and restaurant and on the Sunshine Coast at the Sol Bar.

In 1998 – he was a backup singer and dancer in the band AJB’s song Calling Your Name.

A year later – his band released another track – Land of Make Believe – which when gold on the Aria chart and reached 10 on the Australasia Aria Chart.

He’s now about to release his first solo song under his DJ name Trente in early 2018. The recording is finished and final touches are underway. It’s a cover of a 90’s anthem that has never been covered and the vocals are by Trent and a gospel singer.

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