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RF returns to the Kiss airwaves on Friday the 3rd of May from 11:30 PM. In this show, hosts Kyberr and Wogzilla will be joined by local Melbourne artist Emma Johns with her solo project ‘Cyan’ (Hypnotique Recordings). We will be discussing her journey to this current point in time followed by a guest mix. In the meantime check out her set from Esoteric festival, links are below!


Genre: Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance


Style: Nighttime Full-On, Dark, Forest



“Listening to high energy music inspires depth and stability. It’s more to do with feeling and creative expression rather than rational thought. We relax whilst refreshing our body and mind encouraging us to seek clarity and espouse self-knowledge and self-actualisation.

Cyan is a Melbourne based act by Emma Johns.

Primarily a night-time oriented project, she originally started her journey with Biopulse Records (UK), playing hard-hitting twilight which was soon accompanied by bouncy night-psy. These days her taste has developed to incorporate forest with variations of full-on.

Emma possesses great éclat as well as ebullience in her performance, mixing and matching music with a dark and uplifting vibe with the aim of creating a unique and driving atmosphere. Having come across many sub-genres of Psytrance, Emma brings a creative sound that blends styles old and new.”




Tune in Friday the 3rd of May from 11:30pm


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