| The Culture Of Connection & Community ft. DinoBitch | Thurs 12 – 2 |

Hello Kissers,
Once again I have the honour of joining forces with legendary humans to bring you your weekly dose of melodic inspiration, drawn from the cauldron of culture and broadcasted through the miracle of technology; from the airways to your brainwaves.

This week we have two guests who bring two different offerings to the (turn)table.

We have Melbourne-based Dj, DinoBitch:

DinoBitch is well-known for her distinctive yet varied house and techno sounds, often with a warped wobble, a ghetto twist and a healthy smattering of filth. She gets the dance floor interacting on a sassy alchemy of deep bass-face and jackin’ booty activation. Since her start DJing in 2014, she has been gaining steady recognition, and is increasingly sought out to play a diverse variety of underground parties, Melbourne clubs, and festivals around Australia. Some of her favourite places to play so far have included Disco Volante, Breakfast Club-Melbourne, Ranch- O-Relaxo, Stacks On, Burning Seed, Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival, Wide Open Space Festival, that crazy marathon renegade at the final Maitreya, and annual pop-up party madness at PsyBus Space Lounge in the thick of Rainbow Serpent Festival.

Hear her vibe curations here:

I have also invited the epic Rei Alphonso, to speak locally about her inspiration and drive to connect the community. Rei is a super passionate community advocate with a multidisciplinary background spanning community arts, social work and grassroots organising.Influenced by philosophies such as sacred activism, deep ecology and transformative justice, she has developed THRIVE with the fundamental belief that compassion and action together can change the world.

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