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This week i’m glad to welcome a real up and comer on the Tech-House seen around the world, BISCITS.

The Southampton born and bred producer Biscits was one of the top 10 selling artists of 2019 on Beatport and is currently receiving over half a million monthly streams across platforms. He’s been releasing via Sweat it Out and Solotoko including collaborations with Solotoko’s head honcho Sonny Fodera.

Biscits enjoyed a solid year of touring across the world which included Listen Out Festival in Australia, Track So Boa Festival in Brazil and Warehouse Project in Manchester supporting the likes of Fisher, Sonny Fodera, Solardo, Diplo and many more. 2020 Is already set to be a big one with a steady flow of releases forthcoming on Diplo’s Higher Ground, Sonny’s Solotoko and Australia’s Sweat It Out. Check out the full interview between us and tune in for his guest mix on Monday at 6pm.

Q. Alright first thing first, how did the name Biscits come about?
A. It took ages to settle on a name! but me and my friends eventually landed on Biscits, I just really like food related names. also its spelt without the ‘U’ because I needed it to be a unique search term for Google etc!

Q. What’s it been like for you during Covid with no gigs?
A. Its been really shit! but you have to remind yourself that we are doing all of this help protect the vulnerable and that makes it really worth while. The gigs will come back at some point and I think we will all appreciate them a lot more now!

Q. What was your last Uber eats order?
A. Where I’m staying in lockdown doesn’t have Uber eats, but i have been ordering a LOT of Dominos pizza!

Q. At what point was it that you had the ahaa moment and thought “I could do this for a job”?
A. Ive been producing music and DJ’ing on and off for just over 10 years now (Since i was 18) and had various jobs in that time. Then a few years ago i was in an Airplane accident that shook me up a bit! that gave me the push i needed to make this work full time!

Q. Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or one horse sized duck, explain your answer.
A. I would destroy 100 tiny horses no problem, id bend them like Beckham. 1 horse sized duck however is horrifying.

Q. Do you have any pre or post gig rituals?
A. I know its bad for me but nothing beats a post-gig cigarette!

Q. What is one track you’re really vibing at the moment?
A. Im currently loving ‘Jaded – Dance Much’ which is out on Club Sweat.

Q. If you be any condiment what would you be and why?
A. Id be Dominos garlic and herb dip because I’ve already consumed enough of it that I’m about 90% dip at this point.

Q. If you had to pick one track out of your catalogue, released or unreleased to keep and lose the rest, what would it be and why.
A. Id have to say this new one that I made about 2 weeks ago, it’s called ‘ME & U’ and hopefully it will be out later in the year!

Q. Do you prefer producing alone or with other people present with you?
A. I much prefer producing alone, I always struggle when someone else gets involved, I need to get locked in for hours and thats hard to do with someone else there!

Q. What has been your favourite gig as both a DJ and a patron.
A. Thats a tough one, id have to say Sydney Listen out last year was the best gig I’ve played, the energy was next level! and my favourite gig as a patron was seeing Justice Live at Brixton academy also last year, the stage/music and lighting was just next level, Justice are my all time number 1!

Q. Imagine you’re in the crowd watching yourself play, you hold a phone up to yourselves, what does the phone say?
A. ‘Track ID????’ because the majority of my set is unreleased tunes!

Q. What is one sub-genre you don’t think gets the attention/recognition it deserves?
A. I think Drum&Bass is the unsung hero of electronic music, its always there but never really breaks through to mainstream culture.

Q. What’s on the horizon when restrictions get lifted for you, tour? New releases?

A. Should be plenty of shows and touring, my next release is ‘From The Start’ coming out on Solotoko records on the 10th of July. Im really pumped for this release!

Q. What’s going to be in your guest-mix?
A. My guest mix features the new release i mentioned above as well as several unreleased tracks and remix which I’ve made during lock down, hope you guys enjoy!

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