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Andrew Till began Djing in 1990, He was also one of pivotal forces behind the Melbourne techno/trance community from his involvement in setting up Melbourne’s first dedicated underground electronic label Psy-Harmonics in 1992 through to 2009 with Ollie Olsen & Bruce Bulter, recording under the moniker of ‘The Visitors’ (with Ollie Olsen).. Andrew Till has been rocking at more parties across Australia than most could begin to count, right from the first outdoor parties where he has been a highlight for the thousand’s of outdoor party freaks since the early 90’s. As well as regularly playing around Australia,

Andrew has been spreading the sound of Psy-Harmonics and Australia across the globe over since the early 90’s with tours to such places as;  London, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa America and Japan.

Andrew is regarded as one of Australia’s pioneering Dj’s and through his diverse Dj sets that incorporate a myriad of musical genres, creating a journey through sound . He is one Dj that isn’t afraid to experiment with new styles and is forever pushing the boundaries.

In 2009 Andrew established a new niche for himself in thetechno field hosting his monthly Machine parties and starting up his Machine Label to release some of the most compelling deep hypnotic psychedelic techno on the planet

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