“Airi” and “Meerkut” live on Resonant Frequencies

Our friends at Neptunium Records have been bringing some quality international psy-trance artists to our shores recently and we are very excited to announce we’re lucky enough to have a couple of them come and play live on Resonant Frequencies. We are super excited for these guys to share their music on the infamous KissFM airwaves. We will also be having a chat with them about how their musical journey started and what influenced them in their path so far.
We would firstly like to welcome “Airi” from Switzerland who will be joining us live on the 3rd of February.
Progressive Psy-Trance
Record Label
Zenon Records
The name Airi comes from the skateboard brand Airwalk and has no deeper meaning rather than being a name that represents my artistic vision.
Airi is Felix A., half Swiss/Japanese producer, currently residing in Lausanne, Switzerland. Having worked with electronic music for more than a decade, he has found a real passion in the expression through psychedelic music. A style which carries messages of true values and the deepness of our cosmos as well as the mystery of life.
He has had a musical education and has been a violonist since his childhood, as which he also used to play in the orchestra.
Over the years he has developed his very own unique and energetic style of music which fits into any time of the day or night. His livesets always leave a great impact on the dancefloor with it’s characteristic atmospheres, intelligent arrangements and powerful sequences.
… and secondly we would like to welcome “Meerkut” from France who will be joining us on the 24th of February.
Forest Psy-Trance
Meerkut (Funky Freaks Rec), who’s coming from “meerkat” (a small mammal belonging to the mongoose family).
“I was lulled into a world of psychedelic sounds from my early age, and i later felt the desire to produce music of my own. Inspired by my psychedelic experiences, I now re-create my own feelings and visions of dance and freedom through trance music.”

Tune-in at 11:30pm on Friday the 3rd and 24th of February for some psychedelic goodness!

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