With a mixture of new and old school, male and female, national and international artists, The Scenario is a show dedicated to the evolving genres of hip hop, soul and RnB.

A predominantly music based show, with segments and interviews with artists from around the globe, The Scenario is hosted by Hip Hop Photographer Michelle Grace Hunder and renowned music journalist, Sose Fuamoli.

The Scenario is guaranteed to have something for all fans of Hip Hop, every Wednesday night from 7:00pm – 8:30pm on Kiss fm

Melbourne-based hip hop quartet Flimsey Lohan returns to the rap scene with the chill-inciting “Goosetape” available now on all streaming platforms. Born from a seemingly random stream of ideas, the eight-track mixtape features a narrative based around the musicians’ life. For the members of Flimsey Lohan, the mixtape feels like it conveys the messages they’ve been yearning to deliver for years

The emotionally-rich collection of verses, spiced up with a little jazz breathes life into the group’s past experience, remembering those who have shared the same joy, success, and sorrow with an emphasis on feeling every bit of pain and using it to help their individual growth. Themes of which are expressed highly on the focus single ‘Love Song’. The whole mixtape, as the artists describe it is a story itself, best enjoyed from beginning to end in one sitting.

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