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This Friday night we have a special show added to the month of April hosted by your favourite Psy Trance host Miss Jade

PSYCOLOGY will run for a second time this month with a very exciting interstate act CROOKS from NSW


We will get to hear whats behind the magic of his new and already released tracks and what makes this producer tick



Crooks [X7M Records] is the progressive trance project by Australian producer Jordan Crooks. With an ear for quality and a taste for tribal groove you can expect to be met with full force on the dance floor by driving bass lines, expressive leads and intricate percussion rhythms. Jordanʼs sound is unique focusing on putting the listener into a hypnotic trance.

Taking you on a sonic journey into the deep Australian bush. Jordan was introduced to the psychedelic scene at the age of 14 and instantly fell in love with the culture and the music. Driven by a passion of human connection and the unsatisfiable urge to dance through the night, he soon realised the deep connection between the human spirit and music.
The importance and power of psychedelic culture became undeniable. After years of exploring this vast underground world, Jordan set out to create his own sound. He soon started studying at the SAE institute in Byron bay, completing his diploma in sound production in 2016.

Eagerly pushing forward and determined to understand the complexities of electronic dance music he soon was completely captivated by the magic of music and became addicted to creating it. 5 years on and the future for Crooks is looking bright – Accompanied by a new direction and sound. Crooks is working closely with Aboriginal friends and influences to create a platform for Indigenous culture in the psychedelic trance community by sharing stories through song and dance.



Listen via the Kiss FM website or download the free app on your device (Kiss FM Australia)

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Miss Jade

Melbourne born and bred Miss Jade is a full-time DJ weapon + all-around legend that's been slaying dance floors across Oz with her effortless blend of grooving Psy-Trance. When she's not sending people into frenzied trance utopian mind states Jade likes to work out, play footy, and drink endless amounts of booze

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