Anya Trybala (Synth Babe Records) | Interview on Premium Tuna

Earlier in the week Node Techno Collective & Synth Babe Records released the second half of their collaborative project: ‘Babes of…Melbourne’ – Part B.

‘Babes of…Melbourne’ is a showcase of the finest Female producers that Melbourne’s electronic music scene has to offer, aiming to to break down the gender barriers within the electronica community and to give a platform to some extremely talented women who may not have the same opportunities for traction or level of support that their male counterparts are fortunate enough to access.

Synth babe Records is a Sweden based record label and collective of woman founded by Anya Trybala in 2016 while Node Techno Collective is a Melbourne crew originally co-founded by Andre Jones in 2015.

Join us on Saturday morning as we catch up with Anya and play a few of our favouite picks from the release.

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Mount Mike

With a fascination for music, dance, and rhythm from a young age, it took Mike a few years of stealing his mother's crockery and wooden spoons and using them to make 4 to the floor dance floor tuna before he persuaded his parents to buy him a drum kit. He played his drum kit day and night, exploring all manner of eastern time signatures and Afro-beat grooves, absorbing sounds from wherever his dial up internet would allow. He began to compose little songets, and riffage, which he recorded in his bedroom using pre-historic software from the local library. Thus began his interest in computer music and audio production. His ears began to pine for the thumping kick drums he overheard on his sister's Ministry of Sound Annual CD, and upon delving into what exactly made this enticing noise, he discovered Ableton Live and a plethora of electronic music. Now based in Melbourne, Mount Mike has been hard at work for a number of years honing his skills as a producer, club DJ, and most recently radio DJ on Premium Tuna.

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