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SOULPHONIOUS  is a DJ who specialises in fusion of sounds, ranging from downtempo and organic, to melodic and progressive psy techno. Inspired by flora/fauna, world, psychedelic, and classical elements.Stream Soulphonious music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on  SoundCloud

One half of the Techno Project > Mēttasoul @mettasoulmusic. Cultivating local underground open air and club events in Adelaide/Kaurna land, under IKIGUY MUSIK

1. Rabbits on Saturn – Night Time Mechanics (Venus Vision Remix)
2. Joonmack – Backroom (Astro Pleasure Remix)
3. Automata – I Don’t Set Alarms Anymore
4. Dardi – Bush Walk
5. BANDO – Tranquil
6. Soulphonious – Ancestral Calling (Unreleased)


  ◈ Techno ◈ Bush Techno ◈

Chris Nord, DJ and producer from Salzburg in Austria, discovered his passion for electronic music already in the early 90s. When you find him behind he decks in a club or at a festival, you can expect a floating but forward driving mix between minimalistic deep tech and minimal techno with a dark and brooding touch, spiced up with signature groovy elements.

In terms of production and his style, Chris always kept various musical options open. His own productions vary from stripped down progressive influenced sounds to more minimalistic and bass heavy (Minimal) Techno tracks with a certain dark note.

The one thing in common for all tracks, is the energy in them, focusing that on the dance floor. During his career, Chris has released and remixed on labels such as:
— Subios Records (GER)
— Soupherb Records (GER/IND)
— Friendly Critters (GER)
— Shadow Wulf (USA)
— Techgnosis Records (CAN)
— Jaw Dropping Records (GER)
— Honey Pot Music (GER)
— Pointzero Rec (BEL)
— Mothr Music (ARG) and more

Last but not least, he also co-founded the successful Austrian event brand called Tiefdruck, at the end of 2018; a project also known for their own popular global podcast series, that focusses on dark and minimal aspects of techno.



Tracks played:

1 Dark Chronicles (Original Mix) Peku
2 Outpost (Original Mix) Chris Nord
3 Great Distances (Original Mix) Droplex, David Phoenix
4 Lampe – Figure It Out (Original Mix)
5 Lights (Original Mix) Gonzalo Loureiro
6 Say Yaah (Original Mix) Kaufmann (DE)
7 Unreleased (Original Mix) Chris Nord
8 Bad King (Original Mix) Monococ
9 Intermission (Original Mix) TiM TASTE, Miles From Mars
10 Hey Boy Hey Girl (TiM TASTE Remix) The Chemical Brothers
11 I Want to Go Home (Original Mix) Droplex
12 Into The Past (David Phoenix Remix) Georgi Z
13 Paranormal (Yanacone Remix)
14 Pathfinder (Original Mix) Chris Nord
15 Consciousness (Original Mix) Droplex, Peku
16 Dark Secret (Original Mix) SILSAN
17 E-Motion (Original Mix) Rad.Lez
18 No Sleep (Original Mix) Carbon, Lampe
19 Ideas (Original Mix) TiM TASTE
20 Illusion (Original Mix) AIO
21 Biohack (Original Mix) David Phoenix, 8kicks
22 Explicit Content (Lampe Remix) Lampe, Random Flow
23 Through The Ether (Original Mix) Droplex
24 Bombay – Ayesha Pramanik (Chris Nord Remix)
25 Raw Thrills (Delix Remix) David Phoenix
26 Ego Death (Audible Thought Remix) Daniel Ladox, MURK TENET
27 Squid (Original Mix) Greenwolve, Unknown Concept
28 Quasar [Shadow Wulf] Dark Ban Tes
29 To the Space (Original Mix) Luv

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