Groove Empress | Interview & Guest Mix on Premium Tuna

Joining us in the Kiss Fm Studio this week we are delighted to announce that the good vibes crew Groove Empress will be jumping on for the guest selection and abit of a chit chat. We’re not sure if we can get to their level at 10:30 in the morning but boy are we keen to see what transpires.

Groove Empress Bio: 
Sarah Morgan and Georgia Farry are a duo that are hard to miss in any space. To them, the most important part of any gig is having the best time possible, and this infectious energy is what sets them apart. A love for soul vocals and thumping bass lines is what first drew these two into each other. Their track selection is often eclectic and tied together by their common attraction towards Chicago and Detroit house – usually with percussive drumming and tribal influences to match. Dynamic and full of life, Groove Empress strive to make every audience feel included in the fun they are having, and have a unique way of communicating with a room and navigating a crowd. Behind the decks, these two ooze with groovy energy, their passion for music and connecting with others is obvious when they are in control. With masterful mixing and cohesive taste, the two have vibrant personalities that create more of a performance than just musical selection. With an ability to draw in a crowd by reading a room and exuding energy, the two are becoming well known within several Melbourne crowds and gaining attention from punters and bookers alike. With experience in playing in some of Melbourne’s most iconic and pumping venues, their fresh careers aren’t to be underestimated.

Tune in Saturday Morning from 10:30am to hear it all. We’re also going to be streaming the whole show via on the Kiss Fm Facebook page.

Groove Empress Links:

Photo Credit: Tori Hyland

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For much of time his blood has beat with the rhythm and sweat of minority subgenres and alternative subcultures. His ears were never quite satisfied with the status quo and his mind was always searching the fringe for further audio fulfilment. He was a collector of melodies, a hunter of bass lines, and a gatherer of many tempos. Respected amongst his peers as a music purest, the next logical progression in Liam Kendall’s journey was obviously to step behind the decks and put those records to good use. With an ideology still firmly rooted in the hardcore punk of his teen years, and a matched enthusiasm for dance-floor funk groovers and couch-techno deep brooders, he was well positioned to take on the diverse Melbourne underground circuit. Now several years on, he has honed his focus, and while still respecting the game, has garnered his own respect around the village for his eclectic sets. A close friend of the Boogie Beats Collective, and a regular face at techno houses such Killing Time, Pawn & Co, and Circus Bar & Nightclub, Liam has established himself as a tune selector worthy of listening to. While he maintains a quiet and humble demeanour, his achievements in the scene have been no small feat, supporting quality local and international acts from Luke Vechio to Super Flu, to co-hosting his own weekly radio show on Kiss FM, that focuses on showcasing local talent. Liam is a genuine player, a country boy-turned dive-bar-tune-lurker, he sustains a vested interest in supporting the scene and in playing quality house and techno music

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