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Cosmic Xplorer – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food Radio – 10pm to 11:30pm (AEDT) – 28th of February 2023 (guest mix from 11pm)

Daniel Marcel Hevesi has been addicted to absorbing and creating abstract art since early adulthood. As Cosmic Xplorer he paints with sound in a way that leaves you spellbound. Rather than looking up at his performance, you cannot help but gaze out to the stars, lost amongst the infinity of his hypnotic grooves and entranced by his meticulously crafted synths. The music he makes and plays is for mind, body and soul. Every single detail of it is carefully analysed so as to convey maximum purpose and feeling as he explores the as yet unknown fringes of techno.

Hevesi grew up listening to true school techno pioneers such as Chris Liebing, Speedy J and Jeff Mills – while also appreciating house and progressive – but initially made drum & bass in the late nineties. After some success and radio plays, a devastating PC malfunction and new circle of friends at college in Budapest meant he focussed on other things. He became a telecoms engineer, living in Australia, Africa, North East Asia and North America before returning to Budapest in 2011. In the years after, he established his radio show, Late Night City Stories, which ran for eighteen months and won him the attention of a promoter at Düsseldorf’s Rheingold Club, who invited him to play his parties there.

By 2015, the bug had returned and he started to paint techno-inspired, abstract art as One Man Techno Army, which was an audiovisual live performance where techno sounds met and melted with Hevesi’s own hand crafted and abstract art. The shows took him to Italy, Portugal and Czech Republic before he continued his artistic evolution. By 2019, he was deeply immersed in modern and original electronic music production.

Rather than getting bogged down in tools or technique, his simple but effective mantra is, does it make you dance and feel good? The answer for anyone who has been submerged in one of his hybrid performances is yes. Rather than showy displays, they are often multi-layered experiences across four channels of interwoven percussion and poly-rhythms that melt the mind. Each of his carefully crafted sonic trips – whether in the booth or the studio – heads to the edges of our galaxy and harnesses the pure and unrelenting power of techno. Sci-fi motifs, industrial textures and moods that range from paranoid to transcendent provide the detail that keep you locked in for the duration.

As the world starts to emerge from the pandemic, Cosmic Xplorer vows to be at the heart of the resurgence, heading off into a surreal and imagined future ad taking you with him every step of the way.

Check out Cosmic Xplorer’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio TONIGHT for his EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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