Trautonium – Peter Pichler | Interview | 5pm Weds 17th April | with Timmy

German electronic musician Peter Pichler one of the only remaining instrumentalist in the world who can play the Trautonium – the forerunner to the synthesiser – is in Melbourne for the first time to showcase the Trautonium.  Timmy caught up with him at MESS (Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio) to learn about this revolutionary instrument and to hear it being played.

The Trautonium gained notoriety as the instrument used by Alfred Hitchcock in the movie The Birds. The Trautonium created the soundtrack and bird effect noises used so brilliantly in the movie.

Listen up at 5pm Wednesday 17th April to hear the interview and to hear Peter play the Trautonium live for Timmy. You can also see Peter playing the Trautonium at The Toff Weds night and for Clan Analogue Thursday night 18th April at Bar 303 Northcote.

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You can also see the interview on the Kiss YouTube channel:






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