Talking Tunes #19 - Tanner Kram - 01.08.2019


Tanner Kram is a young, uprising DJ originally from South Gippsland. He discovered his passion and drive for music in the renowned darkness of the ‘cage’ room at Revolver upstairs. He has gained influence and inspiration from a huge number of world-renowned DJs, which have helped him to craft his unique sound which he prides himself on delivering to a wide range of punters in Melbourne and across rural Victoria.

You may have seen him at Renegade, Techno Time or Progression Sessions at My Aeon. Or you may have noticed his Day Spa debut at Pawn & Coin in April. 2019 marked his return to the southside scene, a landmark achievement for Tanner and a key motivator highlighting the contrast of where his music career begun and where it has brought him… This wild ride took him to create ‘Elysium’ with his partner Luke Laux, a successful boutique music festival with a grassroots Australian bush doof feel, held over 3 days in the along the beautiful Murray River.

If you ever meet Tanner you will understand why he is turning heads across Melbourne. His extreme passion and creativity combined with his friendly, approachable and down to earth nature are going to make for some quality radio!

We are just as eager to showcase his talent and sound to our listeners as he is… Don’t miss out!

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