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STRICTLY OZ HIPHOP SHOW | Interview with “ALL DAY” | Kiss FM | May 23rd


‘Speeding’ is the sophomore album from Adelaide rapper, Allday!

The anticipated album features singles “ides (feat. Nyne)” and “Raceway.”

‘Speeding’ is the follow up from Allday’s widely acclaimed debut album ‘Startup Cult’ (2014), which debuted at #3 on the ARIA chart, Debuted at number #6 on the Australian Aria Charts  and went on to sell out two national tours in less than 48 hours.

If Plato had Homer in mind (or at least large sections of The Iliad), guessing at the man’s thoughts on modern music doesn’t seem like a difficult task. “Me and my animals like Ace Ventura / Your Coca-Cola areola that tastes like sugar”, raps Allday on In Motion, a track saved with genuinely beautiful production from Japanese Wallpaper. Speeding is the South Australian’s second album, and the theme, appropriately enough, is excess.

While many Australian rappers seem content to make music for lounging on Bondi Beach, or whose influences are the first three Tribe albums and not much else, Allday’s music is in the here and now. If you close your eyes, you might even be led to think this was Tory Lanez or (maybe too optimistically) Travis Scott, only with strange references to a place called “Melbourne”. This isn’t to say that Allday’s music is derivative; only that it’s strikingly contemporary enough to be compared with those artists. All that remain, though, are the lyrics. “Have the pussy wetter than Gyarados, he informs us.

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