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Sometimes the pandemic delivers some goods you didn’t think possible, such is our luck that Disruptive Pattern Material is a close neighbour, and one of the perks of finding ourselves in the same time zone, is having the ability to organise a guest mix without the hassle of long delays and excessive requests.

So here we are, if you have not heard Disruptive Pattern Material, I am really not sure which stone you’ve been hiding underneath, because the last couple of years have seen a barrage of high quality releases and some major underground labels, not to mention his previous work for Red Bull Radio and the Academy, while in NY. With incredible ties to Detroit and friends all around the globe, we are certainly lucky to have him here at Radio Bueno for a Special Guest Mix, with plenty of new tendencies in modern dance music!

Tune in this Thursday the 10th of Feb to listen to the show and check his socials in the meantime!

Acid Love x

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