Lunch With Casey Leaver

Join us as we have a musical munch with Melbourne local, and Mother of Disco Volante – Casey Leaver.

This upcoming DJ from Melbourne has been living, breathing, dancing, working, pushing and soaking up the dance scene in her city since the days electro house began. Never one to shy away from a good party or crazy hair colour you’re probably more used to seeing her work the dance floor, but as of 2016 you can catch her workin’ and twerkin’ the DJ controls. Casey uses her knowledge of the scene to pump out the right tunes at the right time and makes the space in front of the DJ booth some hotly contested property. Word is spreading fast and she has already been playing regular sets at institutions such as OneSixOne, Pawn & Co, Bimbo Deluxe, Circus and Chasers. On top of that she runs the highly successful Disco Volante on Thursday nights at OneSixOne. She truly knows how create some fun, and whilst she can muster a world-famous frown, it’s all smiles when she’s behind the decks.

Check out her musical travelogue below:

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