Join us this  Sunday on ELECTROWORLD for a very special Guest Mix by talented dj and producer SAINT EVO. You’ll be taken into a journey of pure Afro House that will blow you away. The mix includes some PROMOS that you simply cannot miss and a complete track-list will be available after the show on the ELECTROWORLD page.

Artist BIO

Saint Evo is an Artist and a DJ/Producer hailing from the savannah plains of Kajiado County, in the Republic of Kenya. Being the energetic choleric-sanguine DJ/Producer that he is, Saint Evo is distinguished as one of the pioneer producers of the Afro House sound in East Africa.

According to Saint Evo, musical freedom is a priceless commodity that demands constant vigilance at the altar of creativity in order to guarantee its longevity. As such, Saint Evo has endeavored to capture and acoustically materialize the sounds from the Equatorial region of Africa, fusing them with vocals from renowned unique artists such as Toshi (South Africa), Idd Aziz (Kenya), RubyGold (South Africa), Tina Ardor (Kenya), Zipho (South Africa), Lizwi (South Africa) Kwame (Kenya), and Madigari (Namibia), in the creation of musical works that reflect the redolent recondite narratives of this African region.

Correspondingly, Saint Evo’s prescient vision has been to evangelize to the world this Equatorial sound. In this vein, the past few years have witnessed his musical productions making a mark on the international Afro House music scene, where he has released musical gems with reputable record labels from Europe & North America.

Saint Evo has been celebrated as a trailblazing Afro House producer in East Africa. On his debut year on Traxsource, he was ranked number 41 on the Afro House Top 100 Artists for the year 2018 and is the first and only individual from the East African Community to be ranked by Traxsource thus far.

As a DJ, his sets are characterized by an array of African drums infused with smithereens of fecund slivers of synths and basslines of electronic music. Through his monthly Mixcloud show titled Talking Drums, Saint Evo showcases Afro House music from Africa and the world that resonates with his musical philosophy.

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