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This week on FORUM, we have the wonderful and inspiring performance artists Benjamin Cittadini and Craig Peade from ROARAWAR FEARTATA.

Since 2003 ROARAWAR FEARTATA’s real playtime based interactualive, immerciful, performancapist, asocial, insinuational art theatre has incorporated text-based performances including the award-winning ‘Bunny’; along with curative performance interventions within art gallery spaces; and conducting experimental site-specific performance research residencies exploring aspects of Frankston, Dandenong, Footscray, Collingwood, Bendigo within Victoria; Mount Druitt within the outer western Sydney suburbs of New South Wales, and internationally within New York and Prato Italy.

Described by PUNCTUM’s Jude Anderson as:

“Hanging out with a backyard grunge performance outfit invented by the nerds next door … who have a history of taking performance into hard-edged, unapologetic public as a way of creating a time for dreaming with a self-styled absurdism … the familiar, intimate and poignant are combined with the grotesque and pseudo scientific to create a chaos born from a permission to share investigations on performance, poetics and public space with a gathering of the curious”; our dialogical practice traverses liminal tropological trajectories including

The private and public, ritual, presence, intimacy, vulnerability, durations of time as materiality, oneiricism, contradictions and the attraction of opposites, ethical and aesthetic antagonisms, ambiguities, ambivalence, sound and musicality, onto-phenomenology, pataphysics, alterity, hauntologies, and the mytho-poesis of quotidian reality’s everyday absurdism, transcendentalism and pragmatic utilitarianism in order to approach live performance art tropes as playfully provocative revelations.

The ‘uncommon sense’ of their irreverence has ‘the cellos do what the trombones should be doing’. ”

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Text & Photo: Craig Peade | Photo – taken from the City of Melbourne, 2016 Test Sites Program.

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