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A little bit of confusion with dates last week, we’ve had to shuffle a couple of guests around, but we are good to go this week with Dylan Goldberg and Idan Beneli’s joint project ‘Connect The Dots’.

“‘Connect The Dots’ is the collaborative project between Dylan Goldberg, AKA Anonymous and Idan Ben-Eli, AKA Obsidian. ‘Connect The Dots’ was always bound to manifest in the form of
Psychedelic Trance music, as the pair have grown up together listening and partying to it for 10 years. Having been heavily involved in the Melbourne Psy-Trance scene as punters and through the
exploration of their own solo projects, the two decided to create a project which boasts a fresh perspective and intricacy to the tracks in which they produce. After a long lasting debate between Dylan
and Idan, they came to the conclusion that they were unable to to lock in a specific sub genre of Psy-Trance to allocate for their project. In turn, this means that the duo writes a multi faceted variety
of Psy-Trance under the ‘Connect The Dots’ alias. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for ‘Connect The Dots’. They are a force to be reckoned with.”


 Tune in for some killer tunes! Friday 11:30pm – 1am

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