Resonant Frequencies returns this Friday at 11:30pm with a killer show planned for you all. We have rising star ‘Eternal Soul’ aka Shervin Kalhor joining us for a interview and guest mix. It is his day of birth on Friday and he will be performing both his prog and full-on projects as a special birthday gift! We are so keen to hear what this talented mixer has in store for us.


“Shervin Kalhor aka ‘ETERNAL SOUL’. A passionate Melbourne based Dj, born in Iran 1986, eight years after the revolution in Tehran/Iran. The Iranian Revolution 1978 was the overthrow of 2500 years of continuous Persian monarchy and eventual replacement with the Islamic republic. That was the last time music life saw the light in Iran. The dominant pressure and limitations of society made Shervin a soul with a powerful passion for music because it brought back happiness and positivity into his life.


He tapped the play button in Dec 2008 for the first time and shared his passion for music with the underground electronic music scene in Tehran, but the unpleasant mixture of joy and fear at these underground events caused him to move to another location on earth where his dreams could come true and his passion could fly higher.


Whilst his passion and skills were building, Architecture as an educational history introduced rhythm, form, proportion, scale and space to his musical life. In our tribe’s words, geometry became both structural and expansive orders of his music life. Obviously, his passion and this magical combination led him to the psytrance scene and shortly after psychedelic trance was entwined deep in his roots.


Shervin was awarded with a residency at Progression Sessions in Melbourne and this became his new life. It’s here Eternal Soul, which is the meaning of Shervin, can release all those years of patiently waiting and dreaming for the chance to express his passion for music. Faith in his talent led Shervin to explore in both Progressive and Full-on projects.


“Neither things changed me nor changed me to things. I just woke up as an Eternal Soul in the psytrance family.”


There is only one thing about me; Passion.

“Eternal Soul”


To be continued…”

Tune-in 11:30pm-1am Friday!


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