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To celebrate Acid Safari curating this edition of Music Victoria Mix Series, we are going to have back to back shows with some sections of the mix, which contain a serious amount of local (Victorian) content, worth celebrating.

Words from Acid Safari:

“When I got asked to do this mix a few months ago, I first felt honoured, though that changed quickly to concern, as one of the conditions was to contain at least 25% of local Victorian content. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to tell a story musically, perhaps not enough range. I started putting music in a playlist suitable for the mix and a couple of months later, the concern has changed, from not having enough local music to tell a story (foolish of me!), to perhaps I am missing local artist I love, which is the case with Jani Ho, Eshan and Mike Buhl, sorry guys, I tried but I could not find a way.

The mix is long, very long I could say, though it provides an overview of what Victoria has to offer musically, from where I sit, which is by no means, the whole lot of what the state has to offer across ambient, electronica, techno, house, acid, deep house and many more.

We really are a lucky bunch here, having such an amazing repertoire of artist, whether they are DJs, producers, live acts or all of those combinations.

Hope you enjoy it and forgive the small technical difficulties that I found along the way.”

Check available links on Acid Safari’s socials for the full length mix.

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