Montana has had a love for music from a young age.  Growing up – her father being a technician who specializes in old 60’s radios has helped facilitate a strong musical influence in her life.

At the age of 16 she happily attended her first outdoor festival (Rainbow Serpent Festival 08) and from then she knew that music was going to play a huge role in her life. Montana spent years on the dancefloor which helped craft her future DJ and production sound.

With guidance from Aaron Smiles and good friend Lask she began her first DJ residency at Belgrave’s Sooki Lounge. From this she gained residencies at Doesn’t Matter and Xtravaganza.

Things have now really taken off for Montana with opportunities to play at parties/venues like Darkbeat, Organic Audio, Red Moon, New Guernica, Botox, Killing Time, Brown Alley, My Aeon, The Penny Black, Onesixone, Revolver Upstairs, Elysium Festival, Rainbow Serpent theme camps – Pelican Villa & Kick Ons), The Comfort Zone Festival and recently landing her first interstate gig in Sydney for Party Merchants Boat Party!

Her taste in music includes Progressive house, Techno, House, Deep house, Tech house and Funky disco.

She loves nothing more then taking people on a dancing journey and has a knack for keeping the good vibes going from start to finish.

Recently she has started a new production project with a dear friend (Alastair- Legohead) called project A:M.

They have been working hard in the studio to bring a special new sound to the world,  stay tuned!



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