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Majestic 12 aka Christian Diaz came to Australia as a 2 year old child from the northern desert Atacama region of Chile at the tender age of 2.

His parents had moved to inner south eastern suburb of Melbourne where he spent his childhood growing up with some of Australia’s Premier music venues on his doorstep.  As a 8 year old he had his first job which was a paper round that would take in these venues like the Palais, the Palace, the Venue, the Prince of Wales and the Seaview ballroom.

As with most paper boys, he would often spend the afternoon working his route listening to touring international bands and the locals doing their sound check. Some of the bands he saw were the who’s who of international and local acts as this had a major influence on his music career since he would be actually playing some of these venues himself in the near future.

His first outing into music were school punk thrash bands which he would perform as a singer and he later progressed onto playing percussion.  He would also perform with other Latino percussionists in St Kilda on Sundays next to Luna Park to 1000s that would enjoy the latin rhythms on a Sunday afternoon.

A chance meeting with a local DJ asked Christian if he would accompany him at a local nightclub playing percussion over vinyl records he played.

 This chance meeting would change the course of Christian’s life as the DJ was playing techno records straight from Detroit and London which was still in it’s infancy but slowly gathering a huge underground following around the world.

Christian became very interested in how this music was produced and sort out the equipment needed to make techno . Within a few weeks he had put together a live rig consisted of Roland tr-808, Roland Juno 6, Roland 101 which at the time was very cheap and easy accessible.  Thus began his adventures in playing live electronic and soon he had established himself as a live techno act often playing friends parties and small techno rave gatherings in warehouses around Melbourne.

 He shared a house with other musicians that did session work for established bands like Crowded House, lnternational Velvet and Max Q which had Michael Hutchence of INXS as vocalist and local electronic pioneers Ollie Olsen and Gus Till who also had a great influence on his future electronic music.

During the hot summer of 1991 Christian and a group of friends took the sound systems that would be in hot sweating warehouses, out to the hills north west of Melbourne and put on the first outdoor dance party in Australia calked Shivaratri.

During this event, he meet future collaborators in the Melbourne dance scene which he would go onto co found  internationally renowned music festival and venue like Earthcore and Global village which would became huge events in their own right in the coming years.

In 1994 he signed a record deal with New York white label which would publish his hard edge live techno but as music progressed and new style came in Christian entered into the realm of drum & bass which at the time was also still in it’s infancy with a single released on DJ SS international drum and bass compilation and on local record label Blue Sector records and Every Picture tells a story CD compilation

By the late 90s his involvement in the local Melbourne dance music was very influential with him also co founding the Dark Half Warehouse parties as well as the Tekstep drum & bass events which were all hugely successful.

 He had also began touring internationally playing live and DJ on the European and American circuits which would greatly influenced his ability to play virtually any time slot considering he was now producing where is types of electronic music ranging from hard edged drum and bass to melodic chill dub music to techno prog.

In 2000 Earthcore put on New year’s event which the biggest and longest music festival of its kind, the 7-day monster witch had over 1500 acts and some 20000 + patrons.

In the early 2000s he found myself not wanting to be sitting behind a computer screen anymore and finally gave up the corporate events side which had taken their toll with the long hours.

In the following years he took time off to go more into music production and international touring playing at festivals like Love Parade, Lollapalooza, Burning Man as well as coming to the realisation that music videos had now a new platform called the internet in the near future.

 Myspace was 1 where he befriended a lot of his music idols and sent them remixes of the tracks which they would agree to release later on and then came along YouTube that changed all that.

 With this he set out to become a fully fledged one man production company who would produce film edit engineer all his music videos himself. In doing so he left behind the record deal to a major label and went out on his own which would give him total control of everything he would produce both visually and sonically.

 He could now produce all the music he wanted and styles but using different aliases for each style he would venture into.

 He is the only artist to ever have 3 top 10 tracks on charts in different genres and in 2012 NME international music magazine published on the front cover of their website, Christians Majestic 12 records YouTube channel.

 This acclamation and acknowledgement from one of the oldest and biggest music publishers in the world was meet with pure gratification for all the years of hard work had finally paid off with just this simple yet significant publication.

 He continues to this very day to be that one man music label that has gone on to do remixes for Madonna, Prince which YouTube banned in America, Aliya, Whitney Houston Simple Minds, Visage, Boy George just to name a few while also incorporating local up and coming musicians.

He now has some 14 albums on his YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, triple j unearthed music channels of various styles from techno, dubstep, chill, drum & bass and over 50 single releases.

 With the recent covid lockdown, he has used his time in the studio to produce even more music which is yet to be released.

In the four decades of his music career

Christian would make it a very clear that without the help of so many people who helped and influenced him none of this would be possible and he would like to dedicate all the music he creates to them for being part of the journey.

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