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Ahead of the release of their third album LEKTRK give us a taste of this double album SATORI with a mix of a selection of techno tracks from the album.

LEKTRK’s third studio album is released on 3rd April, after almost two years since their previous album. This album sees LEKTRK take a new direction with their massive double album of 25 tracks spanning new and crossover techno (side A) as well as party beats and tech house reminiscent of their previous album’s direction (side B).

About LEKTRK :
LEKTRK is a production crew writing electronic music within the dance/techno/tech music genre.
Following on from their successful debut self titled album in 2017, LEKTRKs second album takes a darker, more club-focused journey. DEUX is epic and adventurous, plotting tricky yet coherent lines between techno, slick tech, and progressive house. “Storm” has gained huge attention locally in their hometown of Melbourne and has made a splash internationally, finding favour in clubs and online radio.

LEKTRK’s third massive double album “Satori” is released 3rd April 2020, with a huge supply of tech house and techno killers already being tested on the dance floors of Australia.

Interview / Q&A

What was the concept behind the double album?

After our second album, we had a break from writing for a few months. When we started writing this album, it began as a collection of tech house party tracks. We didnt want to leave behind our party vibe that you get from the previous two albums, because we still love that sound, but as we were writing this album it started to take a new direction from the influences of the new techno/tech sound we were hearing in clubs and events such as Bushtechno. I really loved the crossover sounds coming from the scene and we had to incorporate the grittier tones.

So we decided to write a double album with side A as the techno and side B with the tech house tracks. I’m not sure how many techno albums feature 25 tracks but it had to be done – the ones that we kept in the album just felt right to be included in the journey.

What is your writing process?

Often an idea comes from a concept or a sound heard out, and sometimes a track is influenced by our surroundings. It’s a load more fun to collaborate, and that collaboration usually leads to tracks that one person might not have created on their own. It is always great to include natural or ‘live’ sounds from unusual sources so we tend to try to balance our electronic sound with analog.

There are a few unusual names and sounds in this album – are there any stories to your tracks?

We tend to be influenced by what is happening at the time of writing a track, so quite often organic sounds or quirky ideas end up into our tracks. For example, Scam was being written at the same time I received the infamous scam call, and since I was in the studio I pressed record on the microphone to get the scammer’s recording. Carbon Die was written on a rather boozy night in with a few friends where we were recording in the soda stream as a sample. And Time’s up is because I was literally running out of time to write that track, and the clock ticking sound is my car’s indicator sound. Theres loads of organic ‘easter eggs’ and internal jokes in our tracks and song names.

What can we expect from your album?

If you’re an electronic music lover then there’s something in here for you. Side A ventures through a sea of dark and driving peak time techno. Side B is unashamedly tech house and written for parties, although the sounds from Side A sometimes shine through on this side.

Who are your influences?

Our influences are extremely wide spread, from funk to rock to techno (of course). Each person that I collaborate with brings a different vibe to the writing. For me, I am influenced by artists such as Maceo Plex, Tiger Stripes, Alex Stein, Enrico Sangiuliano, Teenage Mutants. I love where they are going into the hard techno but incorporating Tech House elements – it feels like a fresh take on an old formula

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