| Katermukke + Multi Culti | A Walk Between Two Worlds | Thurs 12 – 2 |

When founder of Katermukke (Dirty Doering) was asked to define the label he responded:

“Katermukke isn’t a label which has one sound. There are so many different sounds in Berlin or in Katerholzig or Katerblau, broken , deep, chill, techy , trancy , poppy, rocky, slow, fast, etc.. so my idea was to release what I like. I like a lot of different music and maybe that’s the signature of Katermukke: Dirty’s hot shit.”

Which I couldn’t have said better myself, as Katermukke has been one of my go-to labels as far as rich taste in diversity goes.

Multi Culti, founded by the infamous tripsters Thomas Von Party and Angus Gruzman, has been described by the two as: Music to trip to. Music to meditate on. Music to heal the world. Music to upgrade your DNA. Music to get your whole family dancing. Music to teach you. Music to live by. Music to die to. Music to multiply your mind.

Tune in this Thursday for a guided tour throughout the aural history of two very unique labels, tracks handpicked by me; especially for you. As well as an interview with Krazy Kater, Dirty Doering.

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