| Introducing Our Co-host | Miss Gabrielle |

Here at VOC we are passionate about people who are passionate about music. Especially music that is  culturally rich – as the Spanish would say; muy rico!

Vultures of culture originally started with late nights and good friends, sharing their musical findings from all around the world. It was a late night bedroom movement that turned into something I felt needed to be shared. The nights were late, and the music was delicious. Full of worldly sound. Expeditions of the ear, explorations of the mind.

The show has been running just over a year now, and with our platform expanding I thought it only fit to grow the family. As the single parent of this project, I was looking for someone very special, in particular someone who had the same passion and knowledge of culturally imbedded underground electronic music.

This special lady is none other than:

Miss Gabrielle

“Travelling lit my passion for music on fire. My first trip: Caribbean; Salsa sparked my soul. Off again; Brazil, Carnivale; how to process all the amazing rhythms flowing into my body 24 hours a day? I have a tattoo that says La Mezlca, (literally the mix) to me it’s the fusion of a thousand sounds, a thousand stories, a thousand hearts. It’s also the name of a house track, which I feel in love with whilst dancing on the beach in Ibiza. The track features the vocal of a famous Colombian Cumbia singer, she came from a mix of Spanish Afro and Indio decent and her voice encapsulates this powerful and yet painful history and the words speak of the dancing with the beach dancing with the moon.

Years later a German friend told me the tune is that of a nursery rhyme in Germany. I love the concept of your show Vultures of Culture because for me, my passion in music is this connectedness this beauty, pain and universality that we are all one in these beats. An old woman in Colombia, singing along the same sound as a child in Germany in the kindergarten, and the ravers on the beach in Ibiza.

I helped to create an incredible collective of fem artists in Melbourne. The collective was the idea of a friend Anna, she told me, & I said let’s do it right now! At Vinyl Vixens we party, we learn from, educate and nourish each other, and I am very blessed with the amazing women I have around me.”

You can find her sounds here:


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