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A 24 year old from Melbourne with a passion for music just like the rest of you!

Going under new alias DARDI, brings you a fresh new sound to Melbournes electronic music scene I am a Multi-Genre producer. Using Dark Ambient, Euphoric and synthesised sounds, I DJ / Produce music ranging from Minimal/Bush to Melodic Techno and Progressive House.

I’ve been mixing for 5 years with the same amount of experience in music production with recent releases with;

– Welshy’s morning tea W/ Locky Lyne 

Proxima Frequencies 
Katzenjammer Rec Berlin
Tiefdruck W/ Locky Lyne 
DHRK SONIK Radio W/ Locky Lyne
PBS FM – B.P.M show 
Album release @ Circus bar 2019

My musical inspiration comes from the satisfaction of providing the local people of Melbourne with the joy of what comes with live electronic music and how it brings the community together.

This year obviously having more momentum than last year due to COVID my stand out performances would have to start with what could only be the best start to a year I can think of playing at Proxima Frequencies Doof over survival day wknd Bangboza.
Along with a few gigs around Melbourne’s North/ Southside of the city including:

– North / Side @ Glamorama

– My aeon Saturday’s 

– Trapeze – Circus 

– Doesn’t Matter Melbourne @ Rubix Warehouse

– Pelican Villas Spin City Sunday’s @ Keplers yard Northcote 

– Crunchy creatures 

– Yumaanda gathering 2020

– St Kilda’s Bad Bunny

– Cocktails & Techno


Daytona – Matt Sassari

Loudbark – DJOKO

Peak District – D-Deck

My Soul – Oscar L, Sean Collier

Rocking – Gaga

Sphere – Alberto Ruiz, Pig & Dan (Miguel Bastida remix)

Patek – Matt Sassari (Attari sound remix)

Code Red – Sean collier, Oscar L

Atauq – Ron Costa

Black Day – Gaston Zani, Matt Sassari

Jinxed – DJOKO

Deloner – DJOKO

Nation – Ant Brooks, Roy Rosenfeld (D-Deck remix)

Alkahest – Mathame


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