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Dance Dilemma | New Segment with Timmy | Thursday 5pm

Dance Dilemma

In light of Coronavirus, quarantining and physical distancing the idea of going to club or festival for a dance and to socialise is no longer an option. Of all social interactions dancing and clubbing are probably one of the most “close proximity” personal interactions we can do as humans apart from kissing, hugging and sex.

The future of going out for a boogie and to meet and “pick up” has never looked so dubious in living memory. So what does this mean for night clubs, festivals, DJs, promoters, bar staff and more?

Timmy is going to explore the ramifications and expectations with regards to the dance music industry and wider hospitality sector by talking with industry leaders for their insights and observations. Listen up from 5pm Thursday as Timmy explores the uncharted future which will directly impact many Kiss listeners.

First up Timmy speaks with Richie McNeil – owner of one of Australia’s largest and longest running dance music promotions companies – Hardware.

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