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Chameleon 7th BIRTHDAY | Oldskool Style SECRET Warehouse Party

CHAMELEON Radio airs on KISS FM every friday night 10 – 11:30pm. These fine creatures are putting on a secret ravey 7th birthday celebration. For the price of 2 tix you could sign up and support KISS for 12 months AND get the 2 tix!  How about that XXX Click here

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Chameleon 7th Bday Warehouse Party
Secret Warehouse Venue
Steve Ward
Jamie Stevens
Eddie Hale
Tim Meyer

We can’t believe that it has already been 7 years since we collectively opened our minds and hearts for the first time.
Over these years, we have seen the face of underground music grow to a level where it is thriving like we have never seen it before.
We have seen some incredible dj’s and producers rise from the mass and go international, but more importantly we have seen what a great deal of love can do to change the perception of a bunch of humble dudes like us…. It has been a huge journey!

Over these years we have pressed vinyl and sold it in every continent, we have run label events all around Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Germany & Amsterdam, we have run stages at festivals like Strawberry Fields, Rainbow Serpent Amsterdam Dance Event + Rhythm & Alps, we have toured some of the most forward thinking techno and house acts from Europe, we have worked with clubs like Killing Time to establish it as a cornerstone in Aus nightlife, we have taken our radio show global, we have worked with the FReeZa program to mentor youth around Australia and even started our own free music mentorship program to help grow the Australian scene…… But that is nothing without the connection and love that we have experienced with you and another couple of thousand of our other best friends over these years.

So we want to THANK YOU!
And how would we do that you might be asking?

How about we hold an oldskool style warehouse party with a lineup of the most exciting names in techno and house music. No big lighting rigs, no crazy decor… Just a dark room, a big sound system, a strobe light and 600 of our best friends.

Now this wouldn’t be a secret warehouse party if we didn’t keep the location a secret.
So make sure you click “attending the event” on our Facebook event page and we will keep you updated…..
Or if all else fails call this number on the date of the party / August 15th and the address will be replayed on the voicemail (03)9081-1410

MORE INFO TO COME: Massive artist lineup, giveaways and new music experience concept and location.

Early bird $15
2nd Round $20
3rd Round $25
Door $30


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