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Acid Safari - Modal EP Launch


Release blurb:
Though born in Santander and raised in Madrid, our dear friend Samuel Klett Navarro spent the last twenty years contributing significantly to the fabric of Melbourne’s club and DJ community, becoming as Acid Safari — one of Revolver Fridays support cast members. If you had the good fortune to meet Sam, it’s likely you became friends instantly.

If you didn’t, his Modal EP – a debut solo release – is a fantastic introduction to a man that is complex and engaging. So much of his character is embedded into these recordings: the original mix of Modal is programmed and arranged to reach highs and lows across the timeline, but transcends the conventions of a typical dance track in many ways – the most obvious of these is a reliance on energy from instruments other than the bass drum. On the virtual flipside, End Of Days is diverse and emotional – just like the man who made it, and just how we feel about him having left Melbourne for Berlin. Here there is darkness and hope amongst the chordal pads and spatial treatment, and these are carried to conclusion by fast rhythms built from toms, hats and claps.

To complete the package, Samuel invited his dear friend and Revolver Fridays lead resident of ten years, Mike Callander, to create an alternate handling of Modal. Mike’s version captures small pieces of the Acid Safari magic and reprograms them to form a more obvious loop-based structure with stabs – simple, but powerful – and builds an arrangement from these designed explicitly for the Revolver dance floor.

This is an EP that could make you smile, dance, and cry. Save it to your playlist to find out why.

releases November 13, 2020 on the link below and across all platforms.



Mastered by M-Nox at Green Fetish Records Studio.
Artwork by Simon at io Design Company.

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