With a mixture of new and old school, male and female, national and international artists, The Scenario is a show dedicated to the evolving genres of hip hop, soul and RnB.

A predominantly music based show, with segments and interviews with artists from around the globe, The Scenario is hosted by Hip Hop Photographer Michelle Grace Hunder and renowned music journalist, Sose Fuamoli.

The Scenario is guaranteed to have something for all fans of Hip Hop, every Wednesday night from 7:00pm – 8:30pm on Kiss fm

Evangeline is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne Australia who makes infectious electro-pop music that can been likened to a mix between Sia, JOY & Tove Lo. Over the last few years Evangeline has crafted a unique sound & style all of her own, continually experimenting with new forms of song-writing styles and techniques, while combining elements of electro-pop, indie-dance and classic 80’s synth-pop with her own dark & moody signature sound.

Evangeline has had a quick rise to fame with a modest collection of charting singles, her globally acclaimed debut ep, as well as a few vocal collaborations with the likes of Ok Sure, Jabberwocky, Oriental Cravings and more recently Donatachi. She has received much praise and attention from music industry representatives, peers and fans alike, and has become as one of Australia’s most promising artists and sought-after collaborators.

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