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Ollie Wilkes B2B Clare Blake | The Mr. & Mrs. Series Part 2 on Premium Tuna

Last week we were joined by Michaelis & Lewinksy for the first part of our Mr. & Mrs. Series which resulted in some serious laughs and a great musical treat sesh. They set the bar at a suitably high level (you can listen to the recording on our show page) so thankfully the DJ power couple we have lined up for this week can also hold their own. It is our huge pleasure to announce that our next episode in this Mr. & Mrs. Series is none other than Doesn’t Matter residents Ollie Wilkes & Clare Blake. Both known to be lovers of driving techno, their b2b sets have been likened to the battle scene in Bravehart! All we can really say however is you sure are in for an energetic start to the long weekend.


A little bit about Clare:
Local DJ and Doesn’t Matter resident, Clare Blake, is right at home at festivals and clubs alike. She played the Sunset Stage at Rainbow Serpent in 2015 and 2016 and also The Town Festival in 2016. Clare brings her unique blend of lush deep house melodies and crisp, stripped-back techno to Melbourne dance floors on a regular basis. She places an emphasis on driving basslines to create a pumping atmosphere and is equally at home playing sunny day-parties and dark club sets. Check her out on SoundCloud and find true enlightenment.

Clare Blake Soundcloud:
Doesn’t Matter Facebook:

A little bit about Ollie:
Melbourne DJ Ollie Wilkes is a self-confessed techno-nut. Starting out over four years ago, Ollie began playing clubs and outdoor parties in and around Melbourne. In 2015, he travelled to Germany playing gigs in Hamburg and Leipzig where he began to develop his own distinctive style based on Germany’s thriving techno scene. Back in Melbourne, Ollie put his overseas experience to work supporting German techno-heavyweights such as Thomas Schumacher and Monkey Safari. Ollie Wilkes was a monthly resident for Doesn’t Matter™ in 2016, playing a mixture of dark-driving techno and melodic deep-house to dancefloors all over Melbourne

Ollie Wilkes Soundcloud:
Doesn’t Matter Facebook:

Join us on Premium Tuna from 9AM this Saturday morning to catch part 2 of our romcom inspired guestmix series.

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