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JohannesK – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food Radio – 10pm to 11:30pm (AEST) – 27th of June 2023 (guest mix from 11pm)

Originating from the east of Germany, JohannesK’s deep-rooted love for music blossomed during his teenage years. Starting off in garages, he honed his skills playing grunge music before venturing into the realm of hardcore punk. Devoting much of his early 20s to touring across Germany and central Europe, as well as immersing himself in rehearsal rooms, JohannesK diligently refined his craft.

Following the dissolution of his band, JohannesK embarked on a new sonic journey into the realm of electronic music. Through self-guided exploration, he taught himself how to navigate digital audio workstations like Ableton, Logic, and Cubase. After several years of experimentation, he carved out his own distinctive style, characterized by an unconventional and distinctive sound. Not being bound by traditional musical patterns or formal training, JohannesK’s productions truly reflect his autodidactic approach.

As a musician rooted in the band background, JohannesK’s natural inclination eventually led him to seek a more hands-on experience, moving away from the screen-centric production process. Delving into the captivating world of synthesizers, he embarked on a logical progression. Reuniting with his former bandmate David, JohannesK co-founded ‘Discoboxer’ in 2016, an industrial techno live act. Equipped with an array of drum machines and eurorack modular gear, their improvised techno performances captivated audiences at renowned clubs and festivals across Berlin, Germany, and Europe. Their music found a home on esteemed labels such as Kryll and Freddy K’s K-Vinyl. After three remarkable years, Discoboxer made the heartfelt decision to retire from their boxing career, marking the end of an era.

With a wealth of experience amassed throughout his musical journey, JohannesK now embraces the path of solo artistry, unencumbered by compromise. One of his primary inspirations is the versatile musician Arthur Russell, known for his multi-genre talents and unorthodox approach to composition. In crafting his unique sonic landscapes, JohannesK draws heavily from the eurorack modular synthesizer, utilizing its diverse range of sounds to create an array of intriguing and unconventional elements. Continually driven to push boundaries and challenge the conventions that have long governed the scene, JohannesK sets his sights on transcending the norms and carving his own distinct imprint on the music world.

In 2021, JohannesK and his friend Duncan Macdonald embraced the opportunity to fulfill their long-held dream of running a label. With humility and passion guiding their steps, they founded LowEnd Records. Their initial focus was on their own artistic expressions, making the label a platform to showcase their collaborative efforts.

In June 2022, the first LowEnd vinyl graced the shelves with a split EP featuring JohannesK and Duncan as the label’s founders. The release resonated with listeners, receiving positive feedback within the techno community. It marked a meaningful milestone for JohannesK, as he ventured into solo releases under LowEnd Records.

Now, after years of refining his craft and pushing the boundaries of his sound, JohannesK eagerly prepares to release his first solo EP, titled ‘Is The Tree Dead?’ with LowEnd Records in late June 2023. This upcoming release is a culmination of JohannesK’s artistic journey, showcasing his unique blend of mesmerizing melodies, intricate rhythms, and thought-provoking sonic explorations.

The title ‘Is The Tree Dead?’ delves into profound philosophical questions about life, reflecting on the seeds and ideas that we plant and whether they bear fruit. It explores moments of self-questioning and reflection on past decisions, inviting listeners to contemplate their own journeys and the paths they have chosen.

Check out JohannesK’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio TONIGHT for his EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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