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Navigating an untamed sonic wilderness is no easy feat, but when you’re Jake Rattler it’s a slither in the park. Waihi Beach -born and raised, the Auckland based DJ/producer holds it down throughout New Zealand’s soundscape and beyond.

 Jake Rattler is a crowd favourite thanks to his ability to rapidly transform dancefloors with music from all corners of the globe, exposing an unbridled, hypnotic style that keeps his crowd humming. His crafty blend of deep funk, techno, disco, afro and progressive music promises to keep your tail feather shaking from start to finish.

Creating space for bringing music in harmony with the people on his floor has been a massive motivator for Jake’s 10 year career in NZ’s electronic music industry. It’s this passion that has cemented Jake Rattler a place in New Zealand’s electronic scene, and is the inspiration for his recent production works being released on music labels both locally and abroad (Beat & Path, YION).  

On top of being on stage and in the studio, he spends time working behind the scenes at major festivals and events, with recent projects involving event promotion with Beat & Path Records as well as production and stage management for Shipwrecked Festival. 

This slithering all rounder is forging a career across the musical board, Jake Rattler’s drive, taste, sublime performances and passion for top-self sound has guaranteed his spot in New Zealand’s music world.

Lately Jake has also been working alongside Logan Baker, Director at Silent Studios NZ and founder of Shipwrecked Festival NZ. Looking forward to inside scoop of his work behind the scenes at the festival and his broader production career.

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