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Do not miss the legendary French DJ and Producer Alan Braxe on Monday, Dec.23rd for the BBQ Radio Show #082 on KISS FM Australia.

After a few years of silence, Alan Braxe is back with an immersive new sound centred around a newfound love for modular synthesis.

Utilising a reconnection to the fundamental principles of his earliest work, he is equipped with a reinvigorated feeling of focus & inspiration by concentrating on a few select pieces of hardware and gear.

Although stepping away from the standards of what many refer to stylistically as “French Touch”, his first dive into the modular world has allowed Braxe to progress towards a new realm of musical composition, one which has given him the pleasure and freedom to appreciate and cultivate the excitement of total artistic autonomy, as it was when he started making music over 20 years ago.

Across the four-track EP he masterfully uses his minimal setup to create varying deep moods. The constantly moving arpeggiated progressions in “The Ascent” parallel the title itself, as it’s rising and falling dynamics tell a rich story. Whilst “Words” brings a playful synth progression together under vocal harmonies and computerised vocals. “Repeater” is a sinuous, commanding groove that is lively, yet dark and dubby. The record concludes with the alluring ambient composition “Spacer”, where Alan explores the rich contours of a beat-less, yet rhythmic piece of music.

You can check out his EP here:

Melbourne 6pm | Ibiza 8am | Kiss Fm Australia: Ios & Android App

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