Yulia Niko – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food – 11.30pm to 1am – 8th of June

Rising New York House DJ Yulia Niko Effortlessly Blends Sultry House Vibes with The Underground

Yulia Niko is not your average big-room turned underground DJ.  Her knack for meticulous curation has made her one of the most in demand producers in Brooklyn.

Tired of the overplayed techno-house scene in Europe, she traded the beaches in Greece for the pavement in New York City in search of a fresh new vibe. Inspired by nu-house, Niko quickly found solace at clubs like Verboten in Brooklyn and Space Ibiza New York in the city. Working non-stop in the studio for months Niko honed in on her new found sound.

Her hard work ethic was infectious to those around her, and it was not long until those in the scene spotted the next big thing. In under a year she became a recognised name in both New York City and Miami because of her ability to cater to both the masses and the underground. She can often be seen playing both Cielo and Verboten in one weekend, which is due to the quality of her productions and her ability to read a room and play accordingly.

Blending her sensual take on house music with the underground Niko dominates dance floors nationwide. As an expert curator she has the ability to raise the profile of both the warehouse and the club, which sets her apart in this ever growing narrow-minded music landscape.

In this short period of time living in the States she has garnered cosigns from the likes of Erick Morillo, Eskuche & Nu Sky, Tripmastaz and Jose Nunez. She has played with the likes of Bob Moses, Tiefshcwarz, Luciano, Gui Borrato, Andrea Oliva, Davide Squillace, Brian Cid, and Harry Romero just to name a few. Her residency at Verboten has become the go to event for both European house heads and techno Brooklynites.

Inspired by house music’s ability to make people feel sexy and confident, Niko wants nothing more than people to have a great time while listening to the future of music. Her ability to rise above the bullshit and not be beholden by genres or stereotypes is what has made her so connected in this industry in only the few years she has called the US home.

Check out Yulia Niko’s music below then listen to Brain Food this Thursday night for her EXCLUSIVE guest mix!





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