Talking Tunes #44 | The Talking Tunes Hotline ft. Gay Roberto | 05.03.2020 - 9AM

The Talking Tunes Hotline ft. Gay Roberto | 03 9005 7877 | THURS 9AM

Not only do we have Talking Tunes regular Gay Roberto coming on this weeks show…

But we’ll also have a chat with very special surprise guest… YOU, our listeners!

Give us a call on Thursday from 9am and talk some tunes with Cush and Roberto.

Tell us about your favorite moments in dance music and join in on your favorite Thursday morning chinwag.


Catch Talking Tunes every Thursday from 9am on KISS FM with host Deltoid Curve (aka The Cush)…

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Deltoid Curve

Ryan Cushen (aka Deltoid Curve) is a flamboyant and eccentric Australian music producer and radio presenter 🔥 Creator of a slathering of funky genre-bending dance releases and host of 'Talking Tunes' every Thursday from 9am on Kiss FM!! 📻 Dial 87.6FM - 87.8FM in to your radio or stream the show using the links below 📻 Deltoid Curve's production style combines UK garage, deep house and tech house with an upbeat electro sound to create a heavy, low-frequency, funk-driven musical journey. He blends a huge range of styles from disco jams and funky house all the way to big room EDM monsters. This is all tied together with a signature sound developed over years of study into sound design and live electronic music performance. Stay up to date with tour details and future releases using the links here...

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